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you're so vain by dancer-from-the-dark you're so vain :icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 3 me me me by dancer-from-the-dark me me me :icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 1 5 asfter the races red lobster by dancer-from-the-dark asfter the races red lobster :icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 0 fascinator me by dancer-from-the-dark fascinator me :icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 0
personal hell
I'm the tough one
But tonight I'm unravlin'
Seeing no end in sight
Unless I kill the light
I don't want to see tomorrow
If it follows tonight
Some days I wish
I could quit this fight
Never seeing tomorrows light
What am I meant to do
My winter's drifted into spring
The sun is shining
But do I really see it
Beyond my personal clouds
Do I really want to see tomorrow
If it's more of today
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 2
Lifes questions
Do we have a destination?
Is that our life's journey?
Once we reach there we perish?
Crash and burn; feel the eternal sunburn?
Or the joy and bliss; eternal happiness?
What happens to you?
What happens to me?
Once we've completed our life's goal?
these may not be your questions
But they are mine
What happens at the end of time?
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 2
I miss you

When you sleep; I miss you
When we hang up the phone
I miss the sound of your voice
The warmth of your laugh
Crazy I know
we haven't even met yet
We're just a series of photos
a voice on the end of the phone
When you sleep; I miss you
when we hang up the phone
it hurts!
I miss your voice
and the warmth of your laugh
You have character
you draw me in
I'm your captive audience
I wouldn't change you
or exchange you for the World
I can hear all of you
calling me crazy
but I don't care
When you sleep; I miss you
When we hang up the phone
I miss the sound of your voice,
the warmth of your laugh
reminding me how great
life can be
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 2 3
A brighter world
We all have days where the sun
doesn't seem to shine so bright
On our lives
Everything becomes so dull
It's all black 'n' white
But with each passing day
you bring a new color
to my life
Painting a better picture
for everyone to see
I like what you bring out in me
When the sun
refuses to shine
you draw a sun
to keep me warm
We all have days
when the sun
doesn't want to shine
that all the color is gone
But then you paint me
a bright blue sky
where I can fly so high
Forgetting all my troubles
You make my world
A brighter one
Thank you
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 2
Just a show

Ok Ok you want to have a date
I let you pick
The time and place
Then you say
We need a break
Hmmm That's cool
You want to play me
I'll go along with it
Give you a good show
But I've been there
I know how it goes
You're the one that will lose
'Cause I'm just to good
Too late, Too late
You're just too late
To realize I was just too great
Oh come on baby
Don't be sad now
I know you loved the show
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 1 2
To good to be true

Hey you I've been checkin' you out
You seem a bit of alright
eyes of blue
and dimples too
You've got to be
too good to be true
someone wake me
is this a dream
she just kissed me
good mornin'
I've spent my day singin'
to all the happy tunes
kickin' the blues
from under my shoes
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 4
Confident and cold

How do we know each other
Where did we first meet
Do you even care
Or was I just a dare
Some game, some toy
Brought to just throw away
It's okay I don't cry
You wont even know
That I was there
Or that I even cared
Confident and cold
With a heart of gold
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 2
So much to know

Do you have any questions?
Because there is so much to know!
My life is an open book
Anyone can write on my pages
Filling my life with sadness, joy and peace
Today you maybe a stranger
Tomorrow you are my friend
Together we can all make a better place
Do you have any questions?
Let us find the answers
There is so much to know!
I never want to die wondering
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 3
jump the gun

This time I'm not going to jump the gun
And say 'I'm done before I've even begun'
I've got to slow it down, change my pace
And let you into my space
Others have come and gone
That's why I'm so strong
No looking back, It's a forward track
I may not be the greatest prize
But I'm nifty for my size
Can you see the desire
That's burning in my eyes?
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 0 1
a country rhym

I was raised on country
And the music from way back
No one got me
But the neighbor's cat
I knew from the start
That I was different
I used it
Others abused it
People tried to change me
Which made me
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 2 3
you were my queen

In the past
you were my queen
and I was your hand maiden
we had a love
that only a poet could dream
we danced behind
closed doors
I was your secret
and you were
my world
We would kiss in the rain
Take the horses for a ride
through the county side
away from your fame
In the past
you were my queen
and i was your hand maiden
we had a love
that only a poet could dream
we'd go wild in the dark
and keep it quiet in the light
for I was you secret
and you were my word
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 1 1
on the right track

Another Friday night has come along
I'm off to the scene of the crime
Where you first noticed me
Where you first kissed me
I try to forget the images
burnt into my mind
I try to forget your name
Is this what happens
In every life time?
I break your heart
And you break mine
But I know I will still
Be looking for your face
In the crowd
I know last time
You were looking for mine
You thought I didn't know
When will I put my foot down
And tell you, you are mine?
Instead we travel along
Like strangers
But we both know
That all the stars aligned
That you and I
Are two of a kind
Remember when you found
that feather? You told me
"we were on the right track"
So tell me now
Why do we back track?
Am I crazy for thinking
That once upon a time
You loved me?
:icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 2 9



did it her way
Current Residence: well i have 4 fake passports and a map of the underworld
Favourite genre of music: i'll tell you if i like it
Favourite photographer: insert name here ( ........ )
Favourite style of art: -
Shell of choice: turtle
Wallpaper of choice: the padded kind
Skin of choice: Yours
Personal Quote: 'Who in the world am i? Ah thats the great puzzle'
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  • Reading: my written words
  • Watching: my skin ;/
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  • Eating: nadda
  • Drinking: g&t
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How has life been treating you?
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